Back to analogue

Of late I have been getting a little bored of digital photography. Why? Well, for me, it just doesn’t inspire the same feelings as shooting on film. Of course digi is great for work situations, making sure your covered by being able to check your shots there and then. That was not the way it always was though, was it? Shooting snowboarding for many years I had to make my shots count. If a rider was going to hike a mountain in dangerous terrain, my shots had to be worthy. If he or she was going to repeatedly attempt to nail a trick, time after time, I had to have the money shot when it did come together. We didn’t put in all that effort to come back with soft, badly exposed images. It was an expensive business too –  all that Velvia and Provia, it required a certain amount of commitment. Nowadays of course anyone who can go out and buy a DSLR is an extreme sports photographer. This, as you may or may not know, has pretty much destroyed the livelihoods of many a snowsports snapper I know. Kids desperate to get published virtually give their shots away (as, basically, it costs them nothing in film & processing). It reminds me of when Apple Mac’s came on the scene and suddenly everyone was a ‘graphic designer’…

Anyway, my point I guess is that shooting analogue for the pure pleasure of it, is, er, pure pleasure. Now I’m processing my black and white film at home, something I learnt to do at my first job 30 years ago. The satisfaction level is so much higher than what I personally get from digital. It’s a bit like a mini Christmas every time I pull that spool out the dev tank! The next logical step will be to start printing with an enlarger. For now though I have a new scanner, a Canoscan 9000F, it was relatively cheap and I can make some nice prints to give to family and friends. So, here are a few shots from my Leica on HP5 – some basic post processing has been done, levels and a little dodge/burn too.

I do have to give credit where credit is due… To Steve Huff and his website which has inspired so many of us to pick up film again (as well as digital!) and get back to some rootsy snapping just for the hell of it!


2 responses to “Back to analogue

  1. So true. Digital is great I find for sports, kids that are running around etc. For serious shots though and the ones I want to frame… film stands head and shoulders above and probably due to a combination of the care and time taken and the distictive look and feel. Great shots by the way!

  2. With you there Stephen, digi is great for fast moving subjects, especially my son! Glad you like the snaps. I shoot film of him and it is really difficult with a manual focus rangefinder. But having said that my late uncle was an avid photographer and took loads of shots of us and home processed too. A good sharp shot is a great pay off. I’d still have no problem though going up the mountain and shooting transparency with my EOS1, thankfully I still have it, maybe I’ll run a roll of black and white through it soon 🙂

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