Sweet Caroline

This is my friend Caroline as seen through the my 40mm Summicron. Damn, I love this tiny little lens. It stays on my Leica pretty much all the time even though I have a 90mm Elmarit which would be the natural choice for a portrait. This was a quick snapshot at a party, natural light, wide open at f2. I processed the film myself and then went on to make this print on my newly acquired Durst M800. I also got my hands on a bunch of old paper, a lot of it being this 10×8 stuff from Poland. It kind of has it’s own sepia colouring, it works well with the shots from the Leica, very old school. When I scan I try to get the result you see on the paper without too much tweaking. There’s just something about the analogue process that digital cannot give. Not that I dislike shooting digital, it’s great for jobs but there’s just something missing, not really sure what though!


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