In the forest…

Here’s a scan of a 10 x 8 print I made of Tine. Shot on Ilford SFX200 using the Leica with my fave lens of all time, the 40mm Summicron. This little baby never fails to blow me away with the way it draws an image. The scan nearly does the print justice but always something is lost when converting to the digital realm. There’s nothing like looking at a printed image as much as I value the internet for sharing pictures with people 🙂 I’ve fallen in love with the SFX film too, unfortunately it’s really pricey coming in at nearly 10 euros for a roll of 36. But, at the end of the day it’s really worth it. I also printed this shot on matt paper and gave the print to Tine, I need to order some more of that too…

Another print, this time 5x7 and another go at trying to replicate the colours from the Ilford pearl paper.


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