As basic as I get – Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor.

Wow, what fun this is! I got given this Zeiss about six months ago, it was going to be thrown out. This camera is from the 1940’s because of the D.R.P. marking (Deutsches Reichspatent) – in fact pre ’45. It’s in pretty good shape.  The Box Tengor has one shutter speed – 1/30 second and bulb. There’s three f-stops – 11, 16 and 22. Focusing is of the zone variety, three settings available. That is it. Pick your film wisely for the type of weather/light you have and work it out from there with a light meter. This maybe a super basic piece of kit but it really has it’s own character – get it right and the images are just beautiful. Here’s a selection form a couple of rolls of Tri-X I have run through it.


4 responses to “As basic as I get – Zeiss Ikon Box Tengor.

  1. I see what you mean!! Intriguing little camera, the results are really quite remarkable. Producing such beautiful images from a camera so old and indeed one that was destined to be junk just gives so much added pleasure!!! Awesome work Andy

  2. Thanks Jason. The ones of my boy are handheld, the others on a tripod as it was so dark in the forest. If you ever find one of these grab one, they’re cheap usually and not much to go wrong! Nice big 6×9 negs too 🙂

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