Sir David ‘Ram Jam’ Rodigan, MBE

When I was young I used to listen to Rodigan on Capital Radio in London. He DJ’d a radio show on Saturday nights as far as I remember. His voice, like John Peel’s, carries an air of authority and knowledge. The kind of guy who knows exactly what he’s talking about because you know what he’s saying comes from a deep love and passion for his subject, music. Whatever statement Rodigan would make, you would know it was true.

I was lucky / honored / privileged enough to take a two hour drive with David and his agent, Ricky. We talked non-stop. When I was young I’d been to two Reggae Sunsplash events in South London, the area I am from. The first one was to see Bob Marley (RIP) and the one the year after was to see the legendary Dennis Brown (RIP). David was very much a part of the second event. That was thirty years ago. We talked about music then and now, what has happened to the music industry, good and bad. The big shame for all of us in the car that spring morning was the ‘death’ of what we called the package. The vinyl 7″, 10″ or 12″ record. No more do we have lovingly created and printed center labels or the funny messages/signatures engraved into the vinyl where the needle runs off. Them there’s the sleeve artwork, maybe even a poster or stickers inside. There are still the few who release on vinyl, it’s not totally dead, very much like photographing on film. The parallels are very similar.

For those of you who have absolutely no idea who David Rodigan is I will leave you a link below. He is without a doubt a living radio DJ legend who’s respected and loved far and wide by several generations. I have met quite a few well known people over the years and Rodigan is a man I could spend hours chatting to. What a thoroughly splendid chap, as we say! Shot 9 was presented to David for his 60th Birthday by Ricky McKay, his agent – I had a nice 50cm x 50cm print done. What an honor.


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